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Energy Home Service - Clean Ducts & Vents

Jul 27


Energy Home Service specializes in both residential and commercial duct cleaning. The company performs air conveyance system restoration and duct cleaning throughout selected places in Canada. Their services are provided by professional air duct cleaners, field staff and multiple offices.

Energy Home Service offers cleaning ducts and vents that is essential for maintaining acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ). To reduce or eliminate contamination, it is important to perform air duct cleaning services. The company prefers to use contact cleaning whenever possible for the best results. It is important to meet the customer's cleaning expectations by using the right methods to get the desired result. Cleaning your air ducts regularly will surely improve the quality of air at your home. 

If your home or office is infested by animals or vermin, air duct cleaning can be a benefit. This job might require an exterminator and an air duct cleaning service to remove any trace of the animals. An air duct cleaning service is recommended for those who see dust or debris in their air ducts. A better air flow will result in a more efficient heating and cooling system and, in many cases, indoor air quality will be improved.

Energy Home Service professionals can clean your heating and cooling vents of dust, mites, and fungus which can prevent asthma sufferers, allergic symptoms, reduced utility bills, and more time for other significant things rather than spending time cleaning the indoor environment because of dust. Another service the company offers is the Dryer Vent Cleaning, because it has been shown that it is one of the leading causes of home fire hazards. It is highly flammable to have clogged dryer vents. 

All Energy Home Service air-duct cleaners have extensive experience and are well trained to do their job professionally and effectively. They are able to adapt their work to your HVAC system, or any other type of heating/cooling system.

To learn more about Energy Home Service, you may contact them or visit their website.