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One West Provides Hard Money Loans to Real Estate Investors In St. Louis

Oct 9


One West is a private lender which provides hard money loans for a  plethora of properties. They provide real estate investing options for family homes, condos, townhomes, and commercial properties. One West offers hard money loans and private lending options depending on your specific needs. One West’s focus on relationship, trust, and flexibility ensures individualized options for your loan. Choosing One West allows you to work together to successfully complete your investing goals with as little complications as possible. 


When first getting into the real estate investment market in St. Louis you may wonder why you might need a private lender and what the benefits are. Private money lenders take a more personal approach when you’re looking to purchase real estate investment property. Private money lenders are great options for people who are trying to flip or fix a home for which traditional lenders might not loan you excess money to make repairs. Private lenders also provide an increased flexibility to investors which increases their speed of implementation. 


Due to the higher risk with private lending, both loans and insurance will have different requirements and expectations. When going into real estate having the necessary skills to flip your property is important to receiving good rates for your loan. Although the rates are often higher due to the liability risk of your loan it comes with the flexibility and closer person to person relationship which benefit you greatly when flipping or fixing homes.


Overall One West is an experienced hard money lender with over 2,000 homes sold and local financing for quick approvals. Through out the whole process of real estate investing One West helps avoid mistakes within your plan and with their 5 step loan approval process One west is a great choice for any real estate investor

One West Hard Money Lender St. Louis

12225 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131

(314) 932-1445